Phone books were used daily to find a friends phone number, a family members phone number, the number to a restaurant or business, and so much more

Before the internet became the biggest sensation all over the world, the telephone listing industry was the only way to find a person that you were looking for. Phone books were used daily to find a friends phone number, a family members phone number, the number to a restaurant or business, and so much more. Once the internet hit in full swing, individuals started searching out the people and places that they were looking to contact by simply looking them up on line. It seems like in today’s day and age, there are so many things that are being replaced as the popularity of the internet grows even more every single day. The telephone had started out as a means of communications, and then as it grew larger, voicemail was then introduced and businesses were able to leave each other messages when they were too busy to answer the phone. After the introduction of the voicemail, the next means of communication was developed on the internet with emails. This was a way for individuals to contact each other through a written message and sent to their inbox. After the internet sensation really started to take off, the development of information grew very large. Instead of individuals looking through a phone book for numbers, it was much easier and more convenient to pull up the information online than it was to thumb through a book. Now that the internet has been developed to the extreme, you are able to find any type of information that you need.

The internet has become so advanced, that whenever you are trying to find a person online, it will bring up more than just their name and number. Each individuals information, and all of their information, can be found and pulled up right on a persons computer screen, and they will have all of the necessary information about them that they might need. In the beginning, anyone could jump onto Google’s website, type in information, and be able to pull up basic searches on individuals. Now, there have been specific websites that have been created and developed to find out even more information about an individual than just from a search engine. Whenever you type in a persons name into a search on a people search engine, you can pull up information such as their name, location, handle, and even their place of employment. There are several different ways to track down and find long lost friends, family members, and any other person that you are trying to locate. The people searches are the best places to go to find other individuals because they have been specifically designed to track down all of the necessary information that is needed to find them. The internet searches that you are able to find, is the direction that most people use because they can find out more information that just looking up a number in a phone book.

There are many people search engines available for anyone to use, however, there is a website that is increasing in its popularity and is on the verge of over taking the use of telephones as well. This website is known as, and it is able to bring forth everything needed that can over take the use of phone books to be able to find people. Whenever you visit the, you will be able to pick the letter of the last name of the individual that you are looking for, find their name, and after you click on their name it will bring up their first and last name, their phone number, and their address where they live. Therefore, instead of flipping through the phone book pages trying to locate the individual, all you have to do is jump on the exphonebook website, either click or type in the name of the individual that you are trying to locate, in whichever state that they might live in, and then it will bring up all of the valuable information that is needed in finding them. It is a very easy to use website and because of that, it has captured many people’s attention because it is so fast and easy to use. This could possibly be the thing that takes over the phone book and telephone world. This website is growing quickly, and it is taking the internet by force, and with the information that it offers, it would seem that it would have every right to. It is a system that no telephone operator, or telephone book will ever be able to compare to, and it isn’t hard to see why that is.

In conclusion, we have began our telecommunications so many years ago, and since those days we have advanced in a very large and incredibly progressive way. As the years approach, and we head deeper and deeper into the future, our telecommunication systems are going to advance and there will be many different ideas that will be introduced, so our telecommunication will be able to excel from what we have available today on the internet. There are several ways that we are able to find out information that we need to look up individuals that we are wanting to find, however, using websites like the exphonebook site gives us the ability look up more information than just the phone number. You are able to find them through phone number or their address, which makes it easier to locate the specific individual that you are trying to find. With websites such as this, it will completely advance and perfect our telecommunications systems. As the future approaches, it is a good guess that there will be many other phone book and informational websites that will be developed so that there are even more ways to find people. Our telecommunication has come a very long way from just average communicating phones all the way up to internet searches, and it is certain that it more than likely isn’t going to just stop there.


The Clear Benefits of Using Online White Pages Today


There was a time when you had to look into a large phone book to get information about individuals and businesses. These big books started to go away as the internet started to takeover. Even though some cities still use phone books regularly, many are no longer using them at all. At least not in the traditional sense. What has occurred in recent years is that businesses and individuals are now listed within the confines of digital solutions. Online white pages are becoming the norm, and you’ll find that there are a lot of advantages to using these. There are benefits that will no doubt compel you to check out an online listing, and perhaps even list with them.


Faster Updating Than Ever


Going back to the old option of having a physical book for white pages and yellow pages, you’ll find that a lot of the numbers and listings were not up to date. The frequency of updates would be months away if not a year or two away, which means that old information would end up in the pages. Many people grew frustrated with the lack of up to date information. That’s no longer the case. By utilizing online pages, you’ll find that the information found on them can be updated in real time. Many webmasters on these pages can update listings, create advertisements, and much more within a shorter span of time than print options would receive.


Localized Search



Search engines are great. But they work on a different platform than you would find with online white pages. Search engines use algorithms to measure relevance and authority, but where they do well in ranking sites for a number of purposes, they do a poor job of listing localized business results. Localized searches are better with white pages, as they highlight areas that search engines just don’t. The formatting is different, and it narrows down elements a bit easier than maps, and other search engines.


Figure Out Who’s Calling


With the rise of digital phones, so comes the rise of wrong numbers, hidden numbers, and constant nagging from collectors. If you don’t want to answer a number you don’t recognize, you don’t have to. Simply write down the number, use digital white pages and you’ll get the answer of whom may be calling. This can help you narrow down just what’s going on with your number, and who keeps calling often enough.


Going Green


Perhaps one of the coolest things about white pages online is that you will be going green. Do you want to help the environment? Not sure where to start? Well, if you aren’t patronizing physical print runs of information pages, then you will be helping the environment. If everyone gave up their print, physical yellow and white pages, that’s millions of trees saved annually. That’s one thing that nearly everyone can get behind.


As you can see there are a lot of clear benefits to using digital pages. Whether you need a business directory, or are looking for a specific person, or group, online white pages are superior in finding information. Test this notion out once, and watch how relevant your searches can become.

Do people still use phone books? Answer: Absolutely

Phone books are still being printed and distributed, although not the monstrous size ones you may remember. They’ve been trimmed down quite a bit. And for those who have left print and paper for the digital world, there are online phone books, and it’s a large industry.

What are online phone books?
Online phone books are the digital version of paper phone books. All of the information you would expect to find in a physical phone book can be accessed online. It’s easier, faster, and leaves less ink on your fingers.

Why use an online phone book?
You can find virtually anyone. Most online phone books are easy to navigate and give quick, accurate results. In fact, if you are looking for someone, an online phone book may be the best way to find them. Phone companies often sell customer data and an online phone book can publish that information. However, as more people are getting rid of landlines and switching to mobile, the selling of customer data is becoming more limited. Landline numbers are published. If you have a landline and don’t want that number published, you simply pay to have it kept private. Mobile numbers, on the other hand, are not published, and the mobile carrier is not at liberty to make them available. An individual has to opt to have their number published.
You can also find anything. Online phone books can be better than a google search, because you can find local listings more easily. When searching for a business, if you do a search on google or another search engine, the results that pop up aren’t necessarily going to be local to you. The first results you see will be the ones who have paid the most to be there. That’s not a bad thing, but it may be frustrating if all you want is to know where the closest hardware store is.

Who’s using online phone books?
A lot of people, actually. Thousands of folks jump on to online phone books every day to find people, places, and things. Traffic to some online phone books is into the millions of visitors each month. The ease of use and accuracy of information makes these sites attractive to a lot of people.
Businesses are using online phone books as a place to advertise their goods and services. Advertising with an online phone book can be very lucrative. Revenue from advertising in a paper phone book is still coming in strong for a lot of big businesses, which is a major reason paper phone books are still around. If there’s profit in paper phone books, how much more so with digital phone books?

So, next time you’re searching for that person you haven’t heard from in a while, or looking for some good local barbecue, click on to an online phone book. You’ll probably find what you’re looking for, and maybe some things you weren’t looking for, but may have needed anyway!

Main Benefits of Phone Book

Phone books were traditionally published in print but now you see numerous online phone books. But both versions still serve the same purpose; to assist people in locating addresses and phone numbers. With phone books, it is easy to look up information of long lost relatives, childhood friends, and former workers. But there are other great benefits of a phone book and here are a few.

Great for Locating Local Businesses

One main benefit of a phone book is that you can easily find local businesses. With mainstream search engines, you might get search results where you see mostly national chain stores if you’re looking for certain types of business in your area. But with a phone book you can see which local businesses best suit your needs.

Phone Books Help Those Without Internet Access

Not all people have Internet access and some people struggle with learning how to use it. It is for these reasons that phone books are still relevant. There are those in rural areas where Internet access is not always available. Then there are senior citizens who prefer to use traditional phone books rather than through the Internet.

Phone Books Promote Literacy Skills

While it’s okay that people use the search engines to find information, there is something about a phone book that promotes strong literacy skills. With a phone book you’ll need to know about how to search for addresses and names in alphabetical order or according to different categories. In addition to this, you learn about which area codes belong to certain areas of a state. These skills that last a lifetime.

Phone Books Are Great and Inexpensive Advertising Tool

We know about the effectiveness of search engine optimization and social media for business advertising, but we forget that phone books are still a great and inexpensive way to promote a business. Many phone book companies might even offer discounts on their ads to compete with the massive online advertising services that exist. In addition, online phone books often include the business’s website in addition to the phone number and regular address.

Business owners who still rely mainly on direct mail marketing benefit from phone books because they can mail out promotional materials.

Phone Books Are Good to Have in the Home for Reference

Hard copies of print materials are still good to have in the home and it comes in handy during power outages or during periods in your life when you can no longer afford Internet service. With a phone book, you can find the businesses or residents you want at any time day or night.

Cold Calling is Still Effective

One of the best reasons why phone books are still relevant is because cold calling still works in various situations. For example, if you are looking for work you can search for businesses in your field then call each of them to inquire about opportunities. You.ll also see the address where you can mail your resumes. If you are seeking potential advertising agencies to work with, you can call them and ask for rates or discounts.

You Can Look Up Government Agencies

Another benefit of using a phone book is that you can locate government agencies since they are published in the book. This includes your city’s school district, local city council, your state’s government agencies, offices affiliated with your governor and state representatives, and any public hospitals and universities. This comes in handy when you want to learn more about new laws that affect the city and state you live in.

There Are So Many Uses for Phone Books

Some uses for old phone books include:

Preservation of flowers

Creation of seed envelopes

Fruit ripening

Packing medium sized items for shipping or moving

Cleaning glass surfaces

Trash can liner

In conclusion, phone books are not dead and thanks to the Internet, you can do searches with online phone books. Phone books contain thousands of businesses and residences and for those who use old-school cell phones and not smartphones, the phone book still comes in handy when looking up numbers. Phone books are leftover remnants of a time when life wasn’t as fast paced and when you had to dig a little to gather information.